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Wilson and Frenchy is a brand that is dedicated to sustainability and making eco-friendly choices. With an environment rating of ‘it’s a start’, the brand is making strides towards using more eco-friendly materials, such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton. While there is no evidence of the brand minimizing textile waste or taking specific steps to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, their use of eco-friendly materials does help to reduce their climate impact and limit the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

Labour Rating

Wilson and Frenchy’s labour rating is also ‘it’s a start’. The brand sources its final stage of production from countries with extreme risk of labour abuse, which is a concerning aspect. However, the brand does trace most of its supply chain, ensuring transparency in their sourcing practices. The payment of a living wage in the supply chain is unclear, as the brand does not explicitly state whether they ensure fair wages for their workers. While the brand does conduct supplier audits, it is not specified how often these audits occur.

Animal Rating

When it comes to their animal rating, Wilson and Frenchy again receives a rating of ‘it’s a start’. Although there is no evidence of the brand having an animal welfare policy, they do use wool and exotic animal hair in their products. However, it is worth noting that they do not use materials such as leather, fur, down, angora, or exotic animal skin, which are often associated with ethical concerns.

Overall Rating

Overall, Wilson and Frenchy can be considered a brand that is taking steps towards sustainability, but still has room for improvement. With their environment, labour, and animal ratings all being ‘it’s a start’, it is evident that the brand is making efforts to be more eco-friendly and ethical in their practices. It is important to note that these ratings are based on available evidence, and it is possible that the brand is actively working on improving in these areas.


Wilson and Frenchy’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials is commendable, as it helps to reduce their climate impact and limit chemical usage in production. However, the brand should focus on minimizing textile waste and taking specific steps to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Ensuring fair wages and implementing an animal welfare policy would also help to boost their sustainability efforts. Overall, Wilson and Frenchy has the potential to become a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion with continuous improvement and a commitment to transparency.

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