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Yanawara: Embracing Sustainability in Fashion

When it comes to fashion brands that are making positive strides towards sustainability, Yanawara is definitely a name to watch. The brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in its ‘It’s a Start’ rating, showing that it is on the right path towards a more sustainable future.

Environment Rating: Taking the First Steps

Yanawara’s use of eco-friendly materials, including upcycled materials, sets it apart from traditional fashion brands. By manufacturing its products by hand, the brand is able to reduce its climate impact significantly. Additionally, Yanawara chooses to use low impact, non-toxic dyes in all of its products, showing a dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

Labor Rating: Supporting Female-Owned Enterprises

Yanawara’s labor rating is ‘good’, thanks to its partnership with female-owned enterprises in Bolivia. By supporting women in the workforce, the brand is not only empowering local communities but also promoting gender equality in the fashion industry. Moreover, Yanawara traces most of its supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability in its production processes.

Animal Rating: Upholding Ethical Practices

While Yanawara’s animal rating is still a work in progress, marked as ‘It’s a Start’, the brand is committed to making ethical choices when it comes to animal welfare. Although it uses leather and exotic animal hair in some of its products, Yanawara avoids the use of wool, fur, down, angora, or exotic animal skin. While there is no evidence of an official animal welfare policy, the brand’s avoidance of certain materials demonstrates a conscious effort to minimize harm to animals.

Overall Rating: A Positive Impact

Yanawara’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices earns it a ‘Good’ overall rating. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials, supporting female artisans, and making strides towards more ethical animal practices, Yanawara sets an example for other fashion brands to follow. While there is always room for improvement, the brand’s dedication to creating a positive impact is commendable and sets it apart as a leader in sustainable fashion.

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