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Understanding Sustainability: KIZASI Brand Rating

Our “Planet” rating system evaluates brands based on their environmental policies in the supply chain, addressing aspects such as carbon emissions, wastewater management, business models, and product circularity. KIZASI has been rated as “Great” in this category due to several key factors.

KIZASI’s Environmental Impact

  • High proportion of lower-impact materials, including organic cotton
  • Usage of low-impact materials to reduce chemicals, water usage, and wastewater in the supply chain
  • Minimization of waste through limited production runs
  • Avoidance of plastic packaging

On the other hand, our “People” rating focuses on workers’ rights, evaluating brands on their policies regarding labor practices, from child labor to living wages and gender equality. KIZASI has received an “It’s a Start” rating in this area, influenced by the following factors:

KIZASI’s Labor Practices

  • Final production stage in Japan, a medium risk country for labor abuse
  • Traceability of most of its supply chain
  • Absence of evidence for a Code of Conduct implementation
  • Unclear commitment to ensuring living wages for workers in the supply chain

Furthermore, our “Animals” rating examines brands’ animal welfare policies and the traceability of animal-derived products. KIZASI has been rated as “Good” in this category, acknowledging its stance on not using animal-derived materials but without claiming to be a vegan brand.

KIZASI’s Ethical Practices

  • Acknowledgment of not using animal-derived materials
  • Not claiming to be a vegan brand

Overall, based on the detailed evaluation of all the available information, we have rated KIZASI as “Good”. Despite its positive environmental impact and ethical labor practices, there are areas where improvement and clarity are needed for the brand to achieve an even higher rating in the sustainability and ethical standards realm.

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