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Softandwet is a brand that is dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. With an environment rating of ‘good,’ Softandwet has taken steps to prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials. By using a medium proportion of these materials in their products, they are able to reduce the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

One of the ways Softandwet demonstrates its commitment to sustainability is by manufacturing locally. By keeping production close to home, they are able to minimize their carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact of transportation. This not only benefits the planet but also helps to support local communities and economies.

While Softandwet’s labor rating is currently labeled as ‘it’s a start,’ they are actively working towards improving their practices. The final stage of production for their products is undertaken in Italy, which is considered a medium risk country for labor abuse. While there is no evidence that Softandwet has implemented a formal Code of Conduct, they do visit their suppliers regularly to ensure compliance with ethical labor practices.

One area where Softandwet could further improve is in the payment of a living wage within their supply chain. Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that they ensure fair wages for workers throughout their production process. This is an important aspect of ethical labor practices and something that Softandwet should consider addressing to enhance its overall sustainability efforts.

In terms of their impact on animals, Softandwet fares well as a brand that makes products generally free of animal materials. While not applicable to rate its impact on animals, this aspect still contributes to a more ethical and sustainable approach to production.

Overall, Softandwet receives a ‘Good’ sustainability rating. Their use of eco-friendly materials and commitment to local manufacturing helps to reduce their environmental footprint. While their labor practices are a work in progress, the brand demonstrates a determination to improve and regularly visits suppliers to ensure ethical standards are met. By addressing the issue of fair wages and continuing their focus on sustainability, Softandwet has the potential to become an even stronger force for positive change in the fashion industry.

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