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Terra Dea, a sustainable brand that values the well-being of our planet, has been rated “Great” by our environmental policies assessment. This rating is based on several factors that have positively influenced its score. One of these factors is the brand’s use of a high proportion of lower-impact materials such as organic cotton. By utilizing these materials, Terra Dea helps to limit the chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain, thus reducing its environmental impact. Additionally, the brand actively works to minimize waste by limiting its production runs, ensuring that only what is necessary is produced.

Terra Dea is committed to sustainable packaging and uses recycled materials for its packaging needs. By doing so, the brand reduces its reliance on virgin materials and contributes to the circular economy. Furthermore, the brand takes advantage of digital printing technology, which not only helps to reduce its water use but also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals typically used in traditional printing methods.

While Terra Dea excels in its environmental efforts, its “People” rating is “Not Good Enough.” This rating is based on its final production stage occurring in Australia, a country considered low risk for labor abuse. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Terra Dea has a Code of Conduct in place or that it conducts regular audits of its suppliers. Additionally, there is no verifiable information regarding whether the brand ensures that workers within its supply chain are paid living wages.

When it comes to animal welfare, Terra Dea receives a “Good” rating. While the brand doesn’t use animal-derived materials in its products, it doesn’t claim to be entirely vegan. However, it is important to note that Terra Dea doesn’t appear to use any animal-derived materials in its products, and the brand ensures that animal welfare is a priority.

Overall, based on all publicly available information we have reviewed, Terra Dea receives a “Good” rating. While the brand demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, it falls short in terms of ensuring workers’ rights and labor practices. However, Terra Dea’s efforts in animal welfare are commendable.

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