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VOIT: A Step Towards Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, many brands claim to be making a difference. However, not all of them live up to their promises. That’s why it’s important to evaluate their environmental practices, labor conditions, and commitment to animal welfare. In this article, we will take a closer look at VOIT, a brand that aims to make sustainability a priority in its operations.

Environment Rating: It’s a Start

VOIT understands the importance of using eco-friendly materials to minimize its impact on the environment. The brand uses a high proportion of organic cotton, a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton production. By opting for organic cotton, VOIT reduces the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its manufacturing processes.

However, there is still room for improvement. The brand does not have any evidence of minimizing textile waste or reducing packaging materials. These are crucial aspects of sustainability that VOIT should consider addressing to enhance its environmental rating.

Labor Rating: Not Good Enough

When it comes to labor conditions, VOIT has some work to do. The brand’s final stage of production takes place in the USA, which is categorized as a medium-risk country for labor abuse. This raises concerns about the working conditions of the individuals involved in the production process.

In addition, there is no evidence that VOIT has a Code of Conduct in place to ensure ethical practices throughout its supply chain. The brand also lacks evidence of ensuring payment of a living wage to its workers. These factors contribute to a lower labor rating for VOIT.

Moreover, the brand does not conduct regular audits of its suppliers, which further raises questions about the working conditions and treatment of workers in its supply chain. VOIT should prioritize supplier audits to ensure fair and ethical practices across its operations.

Animal Rating: Good

On the bright side, VOIT receives a good rating in terms of its treatment of animals. The brand does not use any animal products in its manufacturing processes. However, it is worth noting that VOIT does not explicitly state that it’s vegan, which leaves some room for uncertainty.

Overall Rating: It’s a Start

All things considered, VOIT’s commitment to sustainability is commendable, but there is still room for improvement. The brand’s use of eco-friendly materials and its good animal rating demonstrate its dedication to reducing its environmental impact.

However, VOIT needs to take further steps to improve its labor conditions. Implementing a Code of Conduct, ensuring payment of a living wage, and conducting regular supplier audits are essential for promoting fair and ethical labor practices.

As consumers, we play a crucial role in driving change. By supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and holding them accountable for their practices, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable future.

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