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When it comes to sustainability, Bolso is emerging as a leader in the fashion industry. With a focus on environmental awareness and social responsibility, this brand is making waves with its innovative practices and dedication to making a positive impact.

Environmental Rating: Good

Bolso takes its environmental impact seriously and has implemented several measures to minimize its footprint. One of the key initiatives is the use of a closed-loop system in its supply chain, which helps to reduce water consumption. By recycling and reusing water, Bolso is able to minimize waste and conserve this precious resource.

However, one area where Bolso falls short is the use of eco-friendly materials. While the brand does not use any harmful materials, it does not actively incorporate eco-friendly alternatives either. This is an area where the brand could improve and pave the way for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Another notable aspect of Bolso’s environmental efforts is its commitment to handmade products. By producing items by hand, the brand reduces its carbon footprint and limits the use of machinery and energy. This hands-on approach not only adds a personal touch to each product but also has a positive impact on the climate.

In terms of dyes, Bolso takes a responsible approach by using low impact non-toxic dyes. This ensures that the brand’s products are not only safe for consumers but also do not harm the environment. By opting for non-toxic dyes, Bolso sets a high standard for the industry and showcases its dedication to sustainability.

Labor Rating: Good

When it comes to labor practices, Bolso has a good rating. The brand is committed to improving social conditions in Guatemala, where its products are made. Bolso aims to create a positive impact on the local community by providing fair and safe working conditions for its employees.

However, one area where Bolso’s labor rating is unclear is the payment of a living wage. While the brand strives to ensure fair wages, it is not explicitly stated whether it guarantees a living wage to all its workers. This is an important aspect that Bolso could address to further strengthen its labor practices.

One notable aspect of Bolso’s labor rating is its traceability. The brand traces most of its supply chain, which means it has visibility into the conditions under which its products are made. By having this transparency, Bolso can ensure that its labor practices align with its values and make any necessary improvements.

Animal Rating: It’s a Start

When it comes to animal rights, Bolso is taking steps in the right direction. The brand does not use fur, wool, down, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair, or angora in its products. This is commendable, as it shows Bolso’s commitment to cruelty-free fashion.

However, Bolso does use leather in its products, which raises concerns about the treatment of animals in the leather industry. While the brand does not specify whether it sources its leather ethically, the use of animal-derived materials is a factor that prevents Bolso from achieving a higher animal rating.

Overall Rating: Good

Overall, Bolso receives a ‘Good’ rating for its efforts in sustainability. The brand’s focus on environmental consciousness, labor practices, and animal welfare is commendable. Bolso’s use of a closed-loop system, handmade products, low impact dyes, and commitment to improving social conditions in Guatemala are all steps in the right direction.

However, there is room for improvement in certain areas. Bolso could explore the use of eco-friendly materials and ensure the payment of a living wage to its workers. Additionally, the brand could further address animal welfare concerns by reevaluating its use of leather and seeking ethical sourcing options.

By continuously striving for better practices and embracing sustainability, Bolso sets an example for the fashion industry. With its commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, labor conditions, and animal welfare, Bolso is a brand that is worth supporting.

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