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Kzeniya is a brand that is making efforts towards sustainability, though there is still room for improvement. Its environment rating is labeled as ‘it’s a start’, indicating that the brand has taken some steps to be eco-friendly. One of the positive aspects of Kzeniya is its usage of recycled materials in some of its products. This is a great initiative as it reduces the need for new materials and helps to minimize waste.

In addition to using recycled materials, Kzeniya also manufactures locally. This decision is beneficial for reducing the brand’s carbon footprint. Manufacturing locally reduces the need for long-distance transportation, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. By producing their products closer to the consumer, Kzeniya is taking a step in the right direction towards sustainability.

However, there are still areas where Kzeniya can make improvements. One concerning aspect is the lack of evidence regarding the brand’s efforts to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals. Chemicals used in the fashion industry can have harmful effects on both human health and the environment. To be more sustainable, it is crucial for brands to take proactive measures to ensure that their products do not contain any hazardous substances.

Similarly, there is no evidence of Kzeniya implementing water reduction initiatives. The fashion industry is known for its significant water consumption, from manufacturing textiles to the dyeing process. By optimizing water usage and adopting sustainable practices, brands can minimize their impact on this valuable resource. Kzeniya has an opportunity to make a positive change by focusing on water conservation.

When it comes to Kzeniya’s labor rating, it unfortunately falls short. The brand’s final stage of production takes place in Italy, which is categorized as a medium risk country for labor abuse. While it is not explicitly stated, this suggests that there may be exploitation or unsafe working conditions in Kzeniya’s supply chain. To improve its labor rating, the brand should prioritize the well-being and fair treatment of workers involved in the production process.

Another area that needs attention is the lack of evidence for a Code of Conduct within Kzeniya. A Code of Conduct sets ethical standards for a brand’s supply chain, covering aspects such as labor rights and environmental practices. By implementing a Code of Conduct, Kzeniya can ensure that its partners and suppliers adhere to responsible and sustainable practices.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that Kzeniya ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain. Paying a living wage is crucial for providing fair compensation to workers, allowing them to meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life. Brands that prioritize the well-being of workers should ensure that employees throughout their supply chain receive a living wage.

Lastly, Kzeniya’s animal rating is labeled as ‘great’. The brand proudly states that its entire product range is vegan, indicating that no animal materials are used. This commitment to not using animal-derived materials aligns with the values of cruelty-free and ethical fashion. Consumers looking for animal-friendly products can trust Kzeniya to provide a vegan range of accessories.

In summary, Kzeniya has made some strides towards sustainability, particularly in terms of using recycled materials and manufacturing locally. However, there are areas that require improvement, such as hazardous chemicals and water reduction initiatives. The labor rating needs attention, with a focus on ensuring fair treatment and implementing a Code of Conduct. On the positive side, Kzeniya’s commitment to being animal-friendly is commendable, as the brand’s entire product range is vegan. Overall, Kzeniya is rated as ‘Good’ in terms of sustainability, but there is still room for growth and progress.

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