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Planet Rating: Good

BUSHY, a renowned brand in the sustainable fashion industry, has been rated “Good” in terms of their environmental policies and practices. Their commitment towards sustainability can be seen in several factors that positively influence their score.

  • They prioritize the use of lower-impact materials, including Tencel Lyocell, which helps reduce the environmental footprint of their supply chain.
  • By using low-impact materials, BUSHY effectively limits the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater, thereby minimizing their environmental impact.
  • BUSHY follows a sustainable approach by limiting their production runs, aiming to minimize waste and reduce their contribution to landfill.
  • In an effort to conserve water, BUSHY has implemented a closed-loop system in their supply chain, which significantly reduces water consumption.
  • However, there is no evidence to suggest that BUSHY takes significant action to minimize packaging waste, which is a major driver of plastic pollution.

People Rating: It’s a Start

At BUSHY, the well-being and rights of workers are important aspects when it comes to their “People” rating. This rating assesses brands’ policies and practices related to workers’ rights, including areas such as child labor, living wages, and gender equality.

  • Some of BUSHY’s supply chain is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA), indicating their commitment to fair labor practices in the final production stage.
  • BUSHY demonstrates transparency by tracing most of their supply chain, ensuring accountability and visibility throughout the production process.
  • However, it is unclear whether BUSHY guarantees that workers in their supply chain are paid living wages, indicating room for improvement in this aspect.

Animals Rating: It’s a Start

When it comes to animal welfare, BUSHY’s practices are rated as “It’s a Start”, indicating that there is still room for improvement in this area. The focus of the “Animals” rating is on brands’ animal welfare policies and their ability to trace animal-derived products.

  • Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that BUSHY has an animal welfare policy in place, which highlights an opportunity for them to strengthen their commitment towards ethical treatment of animals.
  • BUSHY does appear to use wool, a commonly used animal-derived material in the fashion industry.
  • However, BUSHY does not seem to use other animal materials such as leather, down, fur, angora, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair.

Overall Rating: Good

Considering all the publicly available information and factors reviewed, BUSHY receives a commendable “Good” overall rating. This rating reflects their commitment to environmental sustainability, workers’ rights, and their cautious approach towards animal-derived materials. BUSHY serves as an excellent example of a brand dedicated to making positive changes in the fashion industry.

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