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Recolution: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion

Recolution is becoming known for its strong commitment to being eco-friendly in the fashion industry. They have a ‘good’ rating for being kind to the environment and a ‘great’ rating for how they treat animals. This article talks about Recolution’s efforts to be more eco-friendly and ethical in the fashion world.

Pioneers of Sustainable Fashion: The Recolution Journey

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In 2010, friends Jan and Robert started Recolution with a commitment to being ethical and eco-friendly. They wanted to create high-quality, long-lasting, sustainable clothing that was different from mainstream fashion. 

Recolution comes from “revolution” and “eco,” symbolizing their mission to spark a green revolution and prioritize clean processes. Back then, nobody really talked about how harmful the fashion industry was to the environment.

 Despite challenges, they began with a sustainable sweater collection in Hamburg. They were part of a new wave of sustainable urban fashion, proving that style and fair production could go hand in hand.

Recolution was born from a deep, trusting friendship and a shared desire for positive change, reflected in every aspect of the company, from cotton sourcing to design, production, and team building, right down to the choice of electricity providers, logistics, packaging, and banking. 

Eco-Friendly Choices

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  • GOTS-certified organic cotton: Recolution uses organic cotton, which is free from harmful chemicals commonly associated with conventional cotton production, resulting in a more environmentally friendly choice.
  • TENCEL™ from Lenzing: TENCEL™ fibers, made from wood in an eco-friendly recycling process, offer a comfortable fabric that benefits both the skin and the environment.
  • LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Fibers: These fibers provide an alternative to traditional viscose with a more sustainable production process, as they are made from cellulose.
  • Recycled cotton: In addition to using organic cotton, Recolution has incorporated recycled cotton into its streetwear, contributing to environmental protection and reduced water consumption.
  • Wool from organic farming: Recolution sources wool from organic farms that prioritize animal welfare and ethical practices without the use of genetic engineering or harmful chemicals. The GOTS certificate ensures strict social and ecological criteria throughout the production chain.
  • Global Recycled Standard: Recolution is actively working to increase the use of reused raw materials in their future collections, adhering to the criteria set by the “Global Recycled Standard.

Supporting Workers’ Rights

Recolution’s rating for how they treat workers is ‘it’s a start.’ They have rules for how workers should be treated, but it’s not super detailed. Making sure workers get paid well is vital for their well-being, but we’re not sure if Recolution does this. On the plus side, they check where their stuff comes from and visit the people who make it, which keeps things fair.

Being Kind to Animals

Recolution’s rating for how they treat animals is ‘great.’ They’re called a vegan brand by PETA, meaning they don’t use animal stuff in their products. This helps animals and shows others in fashion how to be kind, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Recolution sustainable?

Yes, Recolution is a sustainable brand with a strong commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices. They prioritize materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, TENCEL™, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers, and recycled cotton to minimize their environmental impact. 
They maintain transparency in their supply chain, conduct regular supplier visits, and have a ‘great’ animal rating, making them a brand dedicated to sustainability and ethical fashion practices.

What is Recolution’s mission as a sustainable fashion brand?

Recolution’s mission is to create high-quality, sustainable clothing that is ethically produced. They aim to spark a green revolution in the fashion industry by prioritizing clean processes and responsible practices.

Where does Recolution source its materials?

Recolution uses a variety of materials, including GOTS-certified organic cotton, TENCEL™ from Lenzing, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers, and recycled cotton. They also source wool from organic farming.

How does Recolution ensure ethical production practices?

Recolution traces most of its supply chain and conducts regular visits to suppliers to maintain transparency and accountability, promoting a fair working environment for their labor force.

Is Recolution a vegan brand?

While Recolution’s materials and production process do not involve animal-derived materials, the brand may not be explicitly vegan-certified. They, however, align with the principles of cruelty-free fashion.

What is Recolution’s overall sustainability rating?

Recolution holds a ‘good’ environment rating and a ‘great’ animal rating, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

What is the significance of the “Global Recycled Standard” in Recolution’s collections?

Recolution is dedicated to increasing the use of reused raw materials in future collections, and the “Global Recycled Standard” helps ensure these materials meet specific criteria for sustainability.

Overall Rating

A Positive Impact: Recolution’s aim to be eco-friendly and ethical is impressive, even if there are areas to get better in, like making less waste and improving how they treat workers. Their ‘good’ rating shows they really want to make fashion more eco-friendly and kind. Their work with eco-friendly materials, getting recognized as vegan by PETA, and checking on their suppliers is proof of their effort.

In conclusion, Recolution is leading the way in making the fashion world greener and more ethical. Their focus on eco-friendly materials and being a vegan brand sets an example for a kinder and cleaner future. If they keep improving how they treat workers, they’ll be top-notch in sustainable fashion

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